Game Bytes

- Fall 2019


Game Bytes is a minigame collection created for the GCS cabinet (Arcade Machine). Game Bytes currently features 4 minigames:
Marble Roller: Roll your marble to the end as fast as you can!
Sporshmallow: Deal as much damage as you can with sports themed characters!
Shotpot: A physics based game where you try to grab as much food as you can out of a hotpot!
Tetris 2P: A tetris 1v1 where you defeat the other player by clearing grey lines!

Keyboard and Controller support included.
Player 1: WASD to move; "r" and "t" are buttons 1 and 2
Player 2: Arrow Keys to move; "," and "." are buttons 1 and 2


For Windows | Download
For Mac | Download

Project Members

Jan Orlowski - Project Programming/Production Lead
Jessica (Jess) Cao - Project Design Lead
George Whitfield - Game Bytes Framework Programming
Kalpa Anjur - Game Bytes Framework Programming
Bella Laybourn - Sporshmallow Programming
Gustavo Silvera - Sporshmallow Programming
Sarah Pethani - Sporshmallow Programming/Art
Anthony Meza - Marble Rollers Programming/Art
Daniel Zeng - Tetris 2p Programming/Art


Original Soundtrack