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Welcome to Game Creation Society.
Game Creation Society is a student-run organization at Carnegie Mellon University, dedicated to the art and science of making games. Composed of individuals from all across the academic spectrum, GCS provides an environment for people of various disciplines to work together on projects as they would in a real development environment. Whatever your talents are, if you are interested in making games we can find a role for you!

If you want to get involved, come to a weekly meeting, join our mailing list, or contact an officer!

Recent updates

Meeting + Contest Entries, Friday, Oct 3! - Posted by

We'll be meeting today (10/3) at 4:30 PM, in Newell-Simon Hall room 3002 (confirmed). The main thing on the agenda is presenting all of the entries from the first contest and
voting on the winner. We'll also announce the next concept theme. Come and see what everyone has made, or bring your own entry. Even if you haven't started making entry, it's still not too late to create a concept, some art, music, or even a working game prototype!

Pitch Fair Recap - Posted by

Hi all,

If you weren't able to attend Pitch Fair, or just wanted to see the list of projects again, don't worry, we've got you covered. There were five projects pitched this semester. If any of these interest you, feel free to contact the project leads. (@andrew = @andrew.cmu.edu)

Lunatix: Explore and navigate a directory in this text-based adventure-- using unix commands! This educational game combines retro-style exploration with a modern terminal as it teaches players to navigate directories.
Engine: Flask + JS
Art Direction: text based
Looking For: Programmers, writers, musicians, game designers
Contact: Ivan Wang (icw@andrew)

Rubber Duck Adventure: Control the water around a rubber duck as he starts his adventure down a perilous river!
Engine: Unity
Art Direction: 2D
Looking For: Programmers, 2D artists, musicians, game designers
Contact: Maddie Duque (mduque@andrew)

Patient: A narrative-driven game where the player takes on the role of a patient in an unknown time, place, and backstory. The character is seriously injured, with only the abilities to look around, and shake and nod his head.
Engine: Unity
Art Direction: 3D
Looking For: Anybody
Contact: Cory Chang (coryc@andrew)

Team BitBot: A 2.5D side-scrolling cooperative action platformer, featuring two robots Bit and Bot. For one or two players.
Engine: Unity
Art Direction: 2.5D (3D art, 2D gameplay)
Looking For: Artists, musicians, programmers, designers
Contact: John Choi (johnchoi@andrew)

Traffic king!!: A traffic simulation game where you keep a city running smoothly.
Engine: Flixel (Actionscript)
Art Direction: Top down 2D
Looking For: Programmers, 2D artists, musicians, game designers
Contact: Roger Liu (rogerliu@andrew)

If you're interested in participating in GCS, but don't have the time to commit to a game, you can also help out on these projects by being a playtester. Just email Cory or Mackenzie (see our about page).

Pitch Fair and New Member Meeting! - Posted by

Hi everybody!

I'm your Director of Development (DoD), and my job is to help people scope out pitch ideas, and make sure semester projects are on track. For people interested in joining a project this semester, Pitch Fair will be this coming meeting, Friday September 12th at 4:30 in NSH 3305. If you can't make it to the meeting, we'll be posting everybody's pitches on our website (www.gamecreation.org).

If you're interested in running a project, please fill out the following form before Wednesday. This will give us time to meet to discuss the project, explain how pitch fair works, and answer any questions you might have.

Before submitting an idea, remember that you'll have roughly 15 weeks to complete a game. This might sound like a lot of time, but when actually adding up the time you work, it is roughly equal to a hackathon project, so do try to keep scope in mind before pitching the next FPS MMORPG.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to shoot me an email.


New Member Meeting, Fall 2014! - Posted by

Our official new member meeting will be this Friday (September 5th) at 4:30pm in Newell-Simon Hall 3305!

It's open to anyone who's interested in making games: artists, composers, programmers, writers, and more! Come learn what GCS is about. Old members too =)!

ZOMG it's RELEASE - Posted by

RELEASE is happening this Friday from 4:30 to 6 in GHC 6121! Join us for pizza, cookies, and games as all our teams from this semester present their finished projects! The best two games (as determined by popular vote) will receive the honor of GCS Gold, earning prizes for their team members and special recognition on the GCS website.
Project leads, please bring a laptop or two with the most final version of your game, and be prepared to submit a copy of it that we can put on the website (or a link, if it's already web-based).

Talk this Friday instead of meeting, release - Posted by

Release is next Friday! We've been getting in touch with project leads to make sure everyone knows what is going on and what to expect, but please feel free to ask if you have any questions or concerns.

We don't have a general meeting this week. Instead, there is a talk about cloud-based precomputation at 4:30 in Newell-Simon Hall Room 3002 (the same time and room that the last few meetings have been in) The description for the talk is as follows:

"Building New Kinds of Games Using Cloud-Based Precomputation Large-scale distributed systems have revolutionized applications across computing, including search, machine translation, and filmmaking. It can be difficult, however, to apply these systems to games, due to the serial, real-time nature of many types of game dynamics. As a result, game graphics, physics, and AI are still largely limited by the processing power of individual PCs and consoles. In this talk, I will discuss how we can use massive cloud-based precomputation to create games that are not bound by these constraints. Using player models learned from recorded gameplay traces, we can efficiently sample game state spaces in an offline process, then use the sampled data to build an interactive game runtime. Since we sample the state space offline, our game dynamics can be arbitrarily complex, allowing us to create immersive, engaging games that could not be made any other way.
Matt works with Adrien Treuille....and is getting ready to commercialize his research. Their objective: massive precomputation to enable beautiful, complex graphics and physics in games."

Contest: Oh my god, a bear! - Posted by

This week's contest is simple: make a game, art piece, or sound/music based on the quote "Oh my god, a bear"! We'll show off contest submissions this Friday, April 18th

Updates for March 17, 2014 - Posted by

You've been asking for them, now we have them! They'll be available for probably around $12 depending on the number of orders (but not more than $15). To see the design and order, look for the link in the Facebook group, or contact Kim.

Contest: Negative
Make a brief game, art, or music track based off one of the theme of Negativity, along with a modifier for each thing below, and send it to Mackenzie. Have fun, and there'll be prizes! We look forward to what you make.

Game modifier: Hands Off
Art modifier: A Slightly Darker Shade of Black
Music modifier: White Noise

Contest submissions will be displayed and voted on at the next meeting!

N-n-n-n-next meeting!
Friday, March 21st, location TBA (await email).

Be there or be square. Or round. Or whatever you want to be. But seriously you should come.

ATTENTION GAME CREATORS: notes from meeting Fri, Feb 7th - Posted by

$5 for semester.
pays for pizza, website, our eternal love
Need to pay dues to win contest prizes, vote for games, and win a prize if your team gets GCS gold!

Make a quick game, piece of music, or art based on a theme for a chance for prizes and everlasting fame. Bring it to the meeting on Feb 28th.

Theme: It’s not as simple as it looks.
Art modifier: Bokeh effects.
Music modifier: Surprise symphony (e.g. peaceful music -> death metal)

Talk by James Portnow
from Extra Credits
Feb 28th at 6pm.
Be excited!

Game of the Week: Braid (http://braid-game.com/)

Meeting this Friday, 4:30PM in NSH 3002 - Posted by

We are meeting Friday at 4:30 PM in Newell-Simon Hall 3002. We'll be announcing our first contest of the semester! It will start tomorrow and run for three weeks. We'll also talk about some administrative things such as member dues. Additionally, we are hoping to also discuss some games from a critical/design standpoint, which is a new thing that we mentioned in the last meeting.