XenoDate - Fall 2011

Gold Award Winner


Xenodate is a visual novel in which you spy on alien researchers at a university. Although your universal translator allows you to understand alien speech, alien culture and emotional cues are a mystery you must unravel.


  • For Mac OS X | Uploaded on 2011-12-16 | Download
  • For Windows | Uploaded on 2011-12-16 | Download


Project Members

  • Andrew Head - Main Theme Music, Background Music
  • Daniel Belchamber - Script Writing, Programming
  • Jackson Lane - Alien Culture Design, Puzzle Design
  • Katie Nestor - "Lovey", "Skeptic", and "Agent" Character Design and Art
  • Matt Klingensmith - Jingles, Background Music
  • Rosstin Murphy - Background Art, "Agent" Character Design and Writing
  • Sharon Hoosein - Character Color Design, Cutscene Art, SFX
  • Stephanie Yang - Puzzle Design
  • Urie Kline - "Lovely" and "Skeptic" Character Design and Writing