Strategery - Fall 2006


The ultimate Rock Paper Scissors Showdown!

First, navigate your pieces around the game board in a turn based strategy setting. Then, face your opponent in a standard rock paper scissors battle. The winner deals damage to one of their opponents pieces. To add to the fray, hidden powerups are scattered all around the board.


  • For Windows | Uploaded on 2008-08-12 | Download


Project Members

  • Adeola Bannis - Menu Music
  • Eric Foote - Project Lead, Programming, Menu Design, Animation
  • Greg Peng - Power Up Art
  • Matt Glisson - Confucius Sprite
  • Nara Kasbergen - Game Board Ninja Head Art
  • Raphael Mun - Game Board and Combat Screen Art
  • Theresa Chen - Combat Screen Ninja Art