Rowdy Rollerz - Fall 2004


Rollz your way to victory!

Rowdy Rollerz isn't like other puzzle games you've played - there are no falling blocks, no matching shapes, and no sticky bubbles. Rowdy Rollerz is a game where you control the world itself, and have to handle that omni-potent control to steer a ball from its source to its target.


  • For Windows | Uploaded on 2008-08-13 | Download


Project Members

  • Casey Miller - Level/Puzzle Design
  • Chris DeLeon - Project Lead, Programming, SFX, Animation, Concept
  • Dan Perkins - Level/Puzzle Design
  • Kevin Costello - Level/Puzzle Design
  • Tom Cauchois - Level/Puzzle Design
  • Tuscan Knox - Soundtrack and Music Composition