Power Monkey Run - Fall 2007

Gold Award Winner


It's a race to claim the most blocks!

A frantic race to see who can claim the most blocks within the time limit! Run into blocks to claim them yours in a 4-player dogfight of who can get the most before time runs out. But be careful, your blocks aren't safe! They can be taken by the other players out on the field.

Power Monkey Run features many levels with a many different objects. Use ramps to jump over walls, but be careful because you may not be able to get back!

Power Monkey Run supports multiplayer gameplay and can be controlled using Xbox 360 gamepads.


  • For Windows | Uploaded on 2008-08-12 | Download


Project Members

  • Diana Archer - Title Menu Art
  • Greg Peng - Programming, Game Design
  • Jeremy Holmes - Music
  • Justin Lokey - Menu Art, Level Design, Textures, Robot Model, Motion Capture
  • Keisha How - Monkey Model
  • Michelle Hales - Playtesting
  • Raphael Mun - Programming Lead, Game Design, 3D Models
  • Stelios Melachrinoudis - Sound Effects