MoonWalk - Spring 2010


2D Radial platformer!

In Moonwalk, you play the role of a mysterious, unnamed space adventurer traveling from planet to planet in search of alien artifacts. In each level, you must run, jump, and throw your way around miniature solar systems, battling aliens and navigating gravitational jump puzzles.

Requires a Microsoft Windows operating system.


  • For Windows | Uploaded on 2010 - 11 - 26 | Download


Project Members

  • Chris Reid - Writing, Level Design, Character Design
  • Connor Fallon - Writing, Level Design
  • Derek Basehore - Programming, Level Design
  • Jill Goodwyn - Concept Art
  • Matt Klingensmith - Project Lead, Programming, Planet Art
  • Peter Anderson-Sprecher - Programming, Level Design
  • Sanchez Yuan - Art, Animation, Character Design
  • Wilson Pei - Player Sprite Sheet, Space Ship Art
  • Zizhuang Huang - Programming, Level Design