Ice Cream Dragon - Spring 2012

Gold Award Winner


Collect ice cream and store it in your cave before it all melts!

Play as an ice cream dragon in a tiny town filled with kids, ice cream stores, and ice cream trucks (and sometimes wizards). Use your awesome powers of cute to convince kids to give you ice cream and take it back to your cave. But do it fast, because it's all melting!


  • For Windows | Uploaded on 2012 - 07 - 21 | Download


Project Members

  • Alex DiNardo - Level Design
  • Andrew Mittereder - Project Lead
  • Conrad Verkler - Programming
  • Evan Shimizu - Programming Lead
  • Jennifer Lee - Art Lead
  • Joanne Tse - Programming
  • Michael Nye - Music
  • Ryan Chang - Programming
  • Yixing Shi - Art