Hella Racing - Fall 2006


Hella Cool Racing!

In gravity defying racing, cars stick to the road and don't get go! Do turns, loops, jumps, and flips in futuristic cyberpunk environments. Multiplayer mode pits you against a friend on the same screen. Made with the Ogre 3D engine.


  • For Windows | Uploaded on 2008-08-12 | Download
    Requires Microsoft Visual Studio Runtime 2005


Project Members

  • Ben Greer - Map Design, 3D Modeling
  • Diana Archer - UI Design
  • Eric Foote - Music
  • Greg Peng - Design Consultant
  • Jay Meistrich - Project Lead, Programming
  • Justin Lokey - Map Design, 3D Modeling
  • Michael Collins - Car Model
  • Roy Concepcion - Design Consultant