Dreamscape - Spring 2007

Gold Award Winner


2D Fighter smoother than butter

Dreamscape is a fresh take on a classic genre, the 2D fighter, set in a restless world of imagination created by the collective dreaming of every living thing on earth. The King Dreamer of this world is going into retirement, so a new king must be found! Play as the King Dreamer, Shaktool Fremont, and his would be successors: a collection of characters including squid ladies, school girls, and a foetus controlled robot (?!).


  • For Windows | Uploaded on 2008-07-08 | Download


Project Members

  • Adam Lederer - Music Composition
  • Chelsea Hostetter - Character Design
  • Eric Butler - Animation
  • Eric Foote - Animation
  • Erin McCarty - Animation, Character Design
  • Greg Peng - Game Direction, Lead Design
  • John Nesky - Animation and Art Lead
  • Matthew Glisson - Animation, Character Design
  • Stelios Melachrinoudis - SFX Art
  • Tom Cauchois - Engineering Lead
  • Yang Shan - Character Portrait Art, Character Design