Dissonance - Fall 2017


Stories told of a lab that tried to discover the secret of immortality. A group of adventures venture forth to find the immortality serum created within. Little do they know there is a good reason the lab is abandoned. Dissonance is an attempt to create a turn-based horror game that evokes horror through mechanics.


  • For Windows | Uploaded on 2017-12-21 | Download
    Unpack zip file and run the Dissonance application to launch.


Project Members

  • Jan Orlowski - Team Lead
  • Grace Liu - Art
  • Emily Hou - Art
  • Juanyi Gao - Art
  • Ilana Franklin, Holly Liu, Sophia Qin - Additional Art
  • Tiger Jia - Programming
  • Jess Cao - Programming
  • Marcus Alder - Programming
  • Bruce Li - Programming
  • Harleigh Awner - Programming
  • Austin Treu, Darien Weems - Additional Programming
  • Aidan Peck - Music