Dash Eraser Dust - Spring 2006

Gold Award Winner


Draw your way out of a sketchpad fantasy!

Dash Eraser stars an aspiring child artist stuck in his own sketchbook come to life. Armed with his trusty pencil (and his imagination), our little hero must defend himself against all the monsters he drew in class. Featuring fast action and over thirty interesting monsters designed by six different artists.


  • For Windows | Uploaded on 2008-08-13 | Download
    Requires Direct X End User Runtime
  • Extra Content | Download
    Dash Eraser Dust was built under the December 2005 SDK, thus it requires a DirectX Runtime released later than this date.


Project Members

  • David Hartunian - Music
  • Diana Archer - Enemy Art, Background Art
  • Eric Foote - Music
  • Greg Peng - Producer, Programming, Levels, Art Direction
  • Ian Lin - Enemy Art
  • Joe Laquinte - Enemy Art
  • Justin Lokey - Enemy Art
  • Michael Menchaca - Main Character Art, Enemy Art
  • Norman Kuo - Title Screen Art