The Clock Strikes 12 - Spring 2017


You find yourself in a dark room, conversing with some sort of strange fellow with an emoji for a face. Before you know it, you're roped into staying at some sort of shabby looking hotel. Trapped in a day that is never-ending, engage with the odd-residents of Hotel Infinity and figure out why you're here

Moving: Arrow keys
Confirm: Ctrl key
Cancel: Alt key
Pause: Esc key



Project Members

  • Roger Liu - Super Director/Programmer
  • Kai Kuehner - Programmer
  • James Chen - Programmer/QA/Attack Helicopter
  • Tiger Jia - Programmer & UI Master
  • Peter Sheehan - Artist/Writer
  • Alysa Bradbury - Character Artist
  • Frank "Cutty" Lubsey - Composer
  • Daniel Hua - Voices/Programmer