Angry Biker - Fall 2010


A biking and pizza delivering game.

In this game you need to control the biker to dodge all the crazy cars and pedestrians in the streets. You need to deliver the pizza to the destination (marked with a pizza flag) before time is out. Okay.... it's unbelievable that you don't die when you hit a car or something else. All you can lose is your speed, and time.... pedal very hard by pressing the same direction key multiple times. That's the only way to speed up!


  • For Flash | Uploaded on 2010-12-19 | Download


Project Members

  • Bridget Hogan - Programming
  • Kyle Neblett - Programming
  • Shan Huang - Project Lead, Programming
  • Sharon Hoosein - Art, Level Design
  • Shuchun Xu - Art
  • Tom Xu - Programming